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West Virginia Trainers Project

Training for Change has teamed up with a network of West Virginia organizers to create The West Virginia Trainers Project.

This training is open to folks who currently live in West Virginia. If you don’t live in the state, check out our other public workshops.

Training and facilitation skills are key to the success of community engagement and organizing. People who have these skills support the groups they work with by developing new leaders, transferring knowledge between generations, creating more participation within their groups, educating and engaging constituents, supporting effective meetings and decision making, resolving conflict and providing skills for successful, creative and disciplined actions.

Yet, few people who play the role of educator, trainer or facilitator in their work are offered an opportunity to hone their skills among a community of peers in their context.

With this in mind, Training for Change has teamed up with a network of West Virginia organizers to create The West Virginia Trainers Project. If you’re a West Virginia organizer who wants to take their training and facilitation skills to the next level and build a culture of learning into the fabric of organizing in the state, this summer is your chance to plug in.

Last year, 25 West Virginians in 16 organizations across the state participated. This graduating class is already at work applying new tools and approaches. Now it’s your turn. Apply today!

Participants in this summer’s West Virginia Training for Trainers will:

  • Gain greater awareness about themselves and their strengths as facilitators
  • Get a chance to take risks, experiment and refine skills in a safe and supportive environment
  • Get the stimulation of fresh approaches and increased options
  • Receive personal guidance from experienced trainers in a small group setting
  • Learn new tools that are easily adapted, principles of workshop design, skills for working with diversity and a better understanding of how to use experiential education methods effectively

We encourage participants to come with someone they work or volunteer with. We have found that when participants attend in teams, they’re able to better apply the skills and frameworks they learn when they return. Due to growing interest in this training opportunity, we will be unable to accept more than 3 people per group.

Graduates from The West Virginia Training for Trainers are eligible to participate in other components of The West Virginia Trainers Project.

These components include:

  • A year-long coaching program in which participants get individualized support to apply new skills and frameworks in their day-to-day organizing work
  • Access to an Advanced Training for Trainers in West Virginia to continue to grow as facilitators in a community of peers
  • Access to bi-annual Design Labs in which participants get the chance to learn new approaches for a specific facilitation challenge such as, How to Facilitate Group Conflict

Contact Katey Lauer at wvtrainersproject@gmail.com or 304-546-8473 with any questions.

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