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Online Facilitation Lab

We need dynamic online spaces that engage all participants, allow for deep collaboration, adapt for learning moments, and keep people coming back.

That’s why we’ve developed our new Online Training Series to offer innovative tools and techniques for maximizing the effectiveness of virtual groups. The Series includes four online public workshops, each focusing on a unique skill-set, and free online coaching.

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Organizing Skills Institute

The Organizing Skills Institute focuses on fundamental skills of base-building, waging campaigns, and contesting for power. It offers cross-movement spaces where community, labor, and electoral organizers can learn together across organizing traditions and experience levels.
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Talleristas por la Justicia (TxJ)

Talleristas por la Justicia (TxJ) is a training program for Latin American activists, organizers, and educators who are building social movements, defending human rights, and working for equity and dignity.
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Judith C. Jones Fellowship for Trainers of Color

The Judith C. Jones (JCJ) Fellowship for Trainers of Color advances the leadership of trainers and organizers of color working at the grassroots to build power, skills and knowledge in their communities.
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West Virginia Trainers Project

Training for Change has teamed up with a network of West Virginia organizers to create The West Virginia Trainers Project. If you’re a West Virginia organizer who wants to take their training and facilitation skills to the next level and build a culture of learning into the fabric of organizing in the state, this program is for you.
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