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Training for Change offers many public workshops, but most of our training is custom designed for specific organizations or groups.

Beyond custom workshops, our Trainers also support groups on curriculum design, consultation projects or campaigns, and one-on-one skills coaching, all grounded in our Direct Education approach.

If you’re interested in having a TFC Trainer work with your group, use the link below to submit a request. Just give us a short summary of what you’re looking for and we’ll follow up with you within a week or less to set up a time to talk in more detail.

Who do we work with?


We work with groups committed to social change, open to experiential learning, and looking for opportunities to grow, transform, and be their most powerful. We accept requests from around the world, and across issue, sector, and theory of change.

True to our roots, and since we receive more requests than we’re able to accommodate, we prioritize working with grassroots activists, organizers, and movement educators working on fundamental social change and self-determination. This includes groups waging campaigns to resist structural oppression, building alternative solutions, and creating spaces for healing and transformative cultural work.

We prioritize groups with less access to traditional funding or leadership development resources and groups rooted in historically marginalized communities. We also prioritize groups and organizations who are already taking action, in motion, and have a clear sense of how our support can help them meet their goals.

If we’re not able to work with your groups, we try to connect to you someone in our Trainer network who can.

What kinds of workshops do you offer?


Below are the core content areas we offer in training, facilitation, consultation, and coaching. If you’re looking for something not listed here, please contact us anyway and chances are we can either meet your needs or refer you to another group that can.

We typically do not lead trainings for less than three hours – especially on topics like identity, conflict or training of trainers. Because our approach is experiential, participants are active in the learning process and we’ve found that we need time to build relationships, allow for teachable moments and create practical application steps.

*this topic can be trained in Spanish

Training of Trainers


  • Integrating experiential education into your context*
  • Laboratories for tool creation and effective agenda design*
  • How to lead strategy retreat and/or skill development for organizers*
  • Advanced skills including emergent design, working with diversity, challenging group dynamics, strong emotion, and conflict*
  • Online webinars and virtual meetings (usually led as a webinar)
  • Effective meeting facilitation*
  • Nonviolent Direct Action*
  • Nonviolent Third-Party Intervention
  • Online Training and Facilitation

Organizing & Campaigning Skills


  • Development of strategic campaigns and creative tactics*
  • Core theory and skills for grassroots organizers & community leaders*
  • Coalition building and skills for cultural competency and effective cross-cultural work
  • Incorporate anti-oppression into strategy and organizing goals
  • Navigate conflict about race, class, gender, sexuality, ability and geography within a group*

Nonviolent Direct Action


  • Preparation for civil disobedience and nonviolent direct action*
  • Designing strategic actions*
  • Roles for actions; marshals, media, police liaison, action lead, logistics*
  • De-escalation and peacekeeping
  • Grounding and centering for clarity, resiliency and healing
  • Creativity during actions

Facilitation for Groups and Organizations


  • Organizational retreats for planning, major transitions, team-building, and strategizing
  • Conflict, unnamed tension, support for emotional processing
  • Effective meeting facilitation and decision making
  • Diversity and anti-oppression training

How do we design a workshop specifically for your group?


Our trainers tailor our workshops and create new curriculum to meet the particular needs of your group. We take into account your workshop goals, time available, number of participants, their experience level with the content, and other anticipated group dynamics that might influence the design of the workshop. All of our trainers are familiar with dozens of tools that can be adapted to various design sequences to maximize the learning and the impact of the workshop for your group.

First, our staff will contact you to learn more about your goals and suggest options for workshop formats that will best advance the skills of your group.

Second, we will figure out which team of TFC trainers is best qualified to offer that particular workshop. Our staff will check on the availability of our trainers for the dates you have in mind and will match your group with a training team that reflects your needs.

Third, our staff and the trainers for your workshop will work with you to make final agreements about logistics, contract and fees. Then, the trainers will handle all the preparation and design work that is needed to deliver a high quality workshop for you and your group.


What is the cost?


We use a sliding scale to determine the final budget. We are interested in working with groups that have less access to traditional funding sources and will work with you to find a budget that works for both of us.


Other questions?

Please contact Celia Kutz at celia@trainingforchange.org

“I participated in the Super T training in 2000 and my life was completely transformed. I gained self confidence and my awareness was raised as a result of the skills that I gained. In addition I felt this work was important for Africa and I personally invited Training for Change to train African collegues. The skills have been imparted to more than a thousand beneficiaries in Zimbabwe through the training conducted by TFC. The work has had tremendous impact has has changed many lives positively- including mine. I am a non-violent person, so is my family. I am proud to be part of the TFC family.”


– Gerald Gomani, 2011 Super-T, Zimbabwe

“I don’t know of anyone who does better experiential and direct education than Training for Change. Honestly, sometimes when I’m in a training led by TFC facilitators, I feel like I’m watching an artist at work; every careful stroke of the brush is based on a thoughtful engagement with the experience of the folks in the room and a deep commitment to empowering them to take responsibility for their own learning, their own lives. The support Wildfire has gotten from Training for Change has been absolutely essential in our ability to take some of the most important frontline movement groups of our time through transformative processes and support them in becoming their most powerful selves. If every trainer, facilitator, activist, and organizer went through a TFC process, we’d have a much healthier and more effective movement.”


– Yotam Marom

Who We Work With

We’ve worked with hundreds of groups around the world and across issue, sector, and theory of change. Our relationship to each one is unique. Here are a few examples of groups we’ve worked with recently: