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Low Bandwidth Strategies

Facilitating online groups with varied or low connectivity

Amidst COVID-19, we aim to make online workshops as accessible as possible. Fees are sliding scale; please use accordingly for access to these tools, including naming your own fee. Fees support participants unable to pay, and keep our program sustainable.

Organizing for social justice relies on Zoom and other video platforms more than ever, despite unequal access to high-speed internet, devices, and technology literacy in many of our communities. 

When facilitating groups with low or mixed-bandwidth, including marginalized, rural, or international communities, how do we maximize engagement? This training offers strategies and experiential tools for facilitating equitable online trainings and meetings – even when participants have low connectivity or no access to a computer.

Length: 2 hours


This workshop costs $35 – $200 US, sliding scale based on income. If you are being sent by an organization with an annual budget over $200,000, we request you pay a fee of $200 US.

If your income is… $15,000 $15,001 – $25,000 $25,001 – $35,000 $35,001 – $45,000 $45,001 – $55,000 over $55,000
You Pay… $35 $55 $75 $95 $120 $150



  • Have techniques and approaches to create equitable online spaces, where low connectivity might place participants at a disadvantage. 
  • Have tools to facilitate effective and engaging trainings and meetings, including with participants who have low connectivity or cannot connect from a computer, that you can apply immediately regardless of the software you use.
  • Be more prepared to design trainings and meetings, where some participants have low connectivity or cannot join from a computer, including asynchronous tools to improve accessibility.


Anyone training and facilitating online who wants to increase their effectiveness using interactive and experiential tools, regardless of connectivity level. This is an introductory training. We welcome a range of experiences – from beginner online facilitators to long-time trainers. Some face-to-face facilitation experience is helpful for this training.


This is an interactive online training using the Zoom meetings platform and WhatsApp, designed for participants with varied levels of connectivity. Connect in whatever way works best for you. You can dial in by phone or connect from a mobile device or computer. We will practice ways for you to participate, no matter how you connect. If possible, find a quiet place and use headphones. Come prepared to participate fully, just as you would an in-person training.

Details for how to connect will be sent prior to the training. The training will include follow-up resources you can use after. We’ll cover tech strategies that apply across software options, but for training on specific software, individual coaching is recommended.


This training will take place online in the Zoom meetings platform. Our trainings offer multiple ways to engage in activities and we do our best to apply best practices in visual accessibility on our slides and handouts including using high contrast and alt text. Closed captioning, sign language interpretation, and advanced copies of the slides are offered if requests are received up to 1 week before the training. 

If there is anything else that would make this training more accessible to you, please email us directly or make a note in your registration form.

For more information, please contact us.