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Building Virtual Rooms for Online Facilitation


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Are you moving in-person meeting or training agendas online? Building “virtual rooms” through visual slides and collaborative documents is a powerful way to adapt your favorite tools and techniques for online facilitation. Regardless of your online platform, you can share participants on a collaborative document, allowing them to engage in activities together.

With creative use of shared documents like Google Slides, you can make quick and easy alternatives for powerful tools, like: scribing on chart paper, using post-it notes for brainstorming, doing a go-around, and moving around the room (like for a spectogram). All these can be done online – check out some of our slide templates for inspiration, below.

We encourage remixing and adapting them to your own needs. To see more online training tools in action, check out our Online Facilitation Lab. Our workshops come with an expanded set of template slides.


See slide speaker notes for more in depth how-to and variations.