Team Building

Stepping Stones

This tool is built to provide a group challenge and support in building team work. Scenario: Two people's movements in Mexico are growing rapidly in adjoining regions separated by a shallow river. The movements need to learn from each other how to deal with the repression from the armed forces. They agree to exchange teams of experienced people for a month so this mutual education can take place. Actually making the exchange, however, is highly dangerous because it means crossing the narrow river which has turned poisonous from polluting factories upstream. And the crossing must be made in the minutes between navy patrols which go down the river regularly. Can your entire team cross the river safely before the patrol comes?

Ankle Walk

Here's a challenging exercise for practicing making decisions and communication. We've used it successfully in a number of settings -- US, Thailand, Sierra Leone, Canada -- and with groups of six people to over seventy! It's best for a middle-sized group -- around 15-25 people. In this adventure-based learning activity the challenge is fairly simple: to walk as a group from one place to another. The twist: the group must walk all in one line together with their feet touching their neighbors' feet the whole time

The Big Wind Blows

This activity is designed to provide participants with an opportunity share information about themselves in a low-intensity activity and warm the group up for deeper conversations. It's also a great way to get the group energized!

Team Types

This tool gives participants' an opportunity for self-reflection on behavior and type help participants work together as a team through understanding each other more deeply give participants another "lens" for looking and working with each other. Team types is a straightforward tool for participants to learn about themselves through identifying themselves within four different categories. These four types each represent different aspects of how people may operate in group settings.

I Am the Center

Whenever a new group forms people are always curious: Who else is in the room? This kinesthetic exercise allows peoples curiousity to show up and to learn about who is in the room. And, does it in a way that gets people working together.

Task & Maintenance: What Makes Groups Work?

This tool is a quick, easy tool that is effective at helping groups understand the different roles in making groups work: different leadership skills. Its based on a piece of feminist theory that understands different leadership skills: Task and Maintenance.

Puzzle Squares

A tool from the field of adventure-based learning (ABL), puzzle squares is a group challenge that helps to look at leadership issues and communication within a team. The goal is simple enough -- create a square -- but the process elicits key conversation about how decisions get made in groups, and how to communicate effectively.