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Training for Change offers many workshop to the public but the majority of our worships are offered for specific organizations or groups.  If you're interested in having a TFC trainer work with your group, use the link below to submit a request to our staff.  Just give us a short summary of what you're looking for and we'll follow up with you within a week or less to set up a time to talk in more detail.

If you aren't looking for a workshop but are interested in having a TFC trainer work with you to do curriculum design, consultation on a project or campaign, or one-on-one skills coaching, use this same request form and describe what you have in mind and we'll respond accordingly.


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How do we design a workshop specifically for your group?

One of the most effective aspects of our work as trainers is our ability to tailor our workshops to meet the particular needs of any group we're working with.  This means taking into account your goals for the workshop, the amount of time your group has available, the number of participants, their experience level with the content, and other anticipated group dynamics that might influence how we think about the design of the workshop.  All of our trainers are familiar with dozens of tools that can be adapted to various design sequences to maximize the learning and the impact of the workshop for your group.

First, our staff will contact you to learn more about your goals and suggest different options for workshop formats that will best advance the skills of your group.

Second, we will figure out which team of TFC trainers is best qualified to offer that particular workshop. Our staff will check on the availability of our trainers for the dates you have in mind and will match your group with a training team which reflects your needs for a diversity of leadership, specific skills and experiences, and other considerations.

Third, once a training team is decided upon, our staff and the trainers for your workshop will work with you to make final agreements about logistics, contract and fees.  Then, the trainers will handle all the preparation and design work that is needed to deliver a high quality workshop for you and your group.

Please note: If you have a personal connection to any of TFC’s trainers and contact them directly about hosting them for a workshop for your group under the Training for Change name, please be sure to cc Celia ( on your communication with them.


What kinds of workshops do you offer?

Listed below are the core content areas that we offer in training, facilitation, consultation, and coaching.  However, if you're looking for something specific that you don't see listed here, please contact us anyway and chances are we can either meet your needs or refer you to another group that can.

Training of Trainers

·      Core skills, tools, and concepts for trainers and facilitators of all kinds

·      Laboratories for tool creation and effective agenda design

·      How to facilitate strategizing, NVDA trainings and/or skill development for organizers

·      Integrating experiential/participatory education into your context

·      Advanced skills for trainers including skills for emergent design, working with diversity, challenging group dynamics, strong emotion, and conflict.

·      Effective meeting facilitation

·      Phone and conference call facilitation (usually led as a webinar)

·      Training of trainers for Nonviolent Third-Party Intervention

Organizing & Nonviolent Action

·      Preparation for civil disobedience and nonviolent direct action

·      Development of strategic campaigns and tactics

·      Coalition-building

·      Core skills for grassroots organizers & community leaders

Diversity & Anti-Oppression

·      Anti-racism training for white groups, mixed groups, and workshops to support people of color to work on internalized racism 

·      Skills for cultural competency and effective cross-cultural work

·      Class and classism

·      Sexism, homophobia, transphobia, Trans* 101, and workshops on other kinds of "isms" or themes related to identity and diversity.

[Please note that we've found that most workshops on these themes are not effective in a one or two hour format and we typically will not agree to do shorter workshops on this type of content unless the goals are very specific and achievable within the timeframe given].

Facilitation for Groups and Organizations

·      Organizational retreats for planning, major transitions, team-building, and strategizing

·      Conflict resolution

·      Meeting facilitation and decision-making processes

·      Grant-making processes for foundations with progressive missions

·      Campaign-building and strategy development


Who have your worked with?

This is just a partial list of groups that our trainers have done facilitation, consulting, or led custom workshops for in the past five years:  The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force,, Greenpeace, The Yes Men/Yes Labs, Sum of Us, American Friends Service Committee, The Trans Justice Funding Project, The Leeway Foundation, Alliance for Appalachia, Vote For Homes Coalition, ACT UP Philadelphia, New Sanctuary Movement (Immigrant Rights), Iraq Veterans Against the War, University of Vermont Sustainable Food Summit, Breast Cancer Action, Energy Action Coalition, Congressional Hunger Center, Beehive Design Collective, Occupy Philly & Minnesota, Gay & Lesbian Latino AIDS Initiative, Mujeres en Liderazgo, Groundswell Mural Arts Project, Prometheus Radio Project, Canadian Labour Congress Learning Circle, Indigenous People's Solidarity Movement-Ottawa, DC Language Access Coalition, and a number of students groups and universities.

Other questions?

Please contact Celia Kutz at