Training for Social Action Trainers (TSAT)

Join us for an intensive training designed for experienced facilitators wanting to revitalize their work, new trainers wanting to inspire, teachers, community leaders, activists -- anyone wanting to take their skills to a new level and learn how training can be used more effectively.

Training for Social Action (TSAT) For People of Color

Join us for an intensive training designed for people of color who are working as trainers, facilitators, educators, or organizers who want to enhance their skills for effectively working with groups to create social change. This workshop is intended for people of all levels of experience who want support, challenge, and the opportunity to learn from other people of color as they take their next steps with these skills and deepen their self-awareness

Super T

The Super-T is for trainers and facilitators at any level of experience who want to take their work to a new level of creativity and effectiveness, as well as new trainers who want to learn the major principles of this rapidly developing field. The Super-T is ideal for a trainer's sabbatical, for facilitators looking for inspiration and fresh approaches, and for international trainers wanting to make a study trip to North America.

Adventure-based Learning (ABL)

Adventure-Based Learning, is designed to introduce trainers to a set of invigorating tools that you can use to build group cohesion, explore conflict, examine leadership roles -- all in a fun, experiential way. This 2-day workshop will teach you how to integrate adventure-based learning tools to make your teaching more dynamic and more valuable to your participants.

Creative Workshop Design (CWD)
Creative Workshop Design

Creative Workshop Design, gives you a chance to let your mind loose in a liberating learning environment and get a fresh look at creating workshops, classes, seminars and trainings. This fun, intense 3-day workshop is for trainers who want to design engaging, impactful workshops, teachers who want to add spice to existing curriculums, and anyone who needs to communicate with groups in a way that empowers.

Advanced Training of Trainers (ADTOT)
Advanced Training of Trainers

Deepen and broaden your facilitation skills in an advanced workshop open only to graduates of Training for Social Action Trainers. Together we'll tackle some of training's biggest challenges -- including doing cross-cultural work, handling conflict and strong emotions, and modifying workshop designs on the fly -- and experiment with new solutions.

Organizing Skills Institute
Organizing Skills Institute

Even the best ideas fail when leaders do not have the skills to organize – to pull together a group, develop a healthy organization, cultivate new leaders, and understand how to act strategically. The Organizing Skills Institute will teach you organizing skills to help your group succeed.

Judith C. Jones Fellowship for Trainers of Color

The Judith C. Jones (JCJ) Fellowship for Trainers of Color advances the leadership of trainers and organizers of color working at the grassroots to build power, skills and knowledge in their communities.

How to Do Transformational Work

Learn how to extend experiential education into the domain of transformation, assisting workshop participants to identify and loosen their emotional blocks to greater effectiveness. This workshop will assist you to help groups use the "teachable moment" -- and the emotions that can surface -- to more full empowerment.

Whites Confronting Racism

This workshop is for white people who want to challenge the racism around them — and in their own heads and hearts — and who are searching for a way to strengthen their work for racial justice. It’s for white folks who already do anti-racism work but want to develop their skills and deepen their approach. And it’s for white folks who want a better understanding of how white privilege and racism operate in society and inside of them.

Trainer's Lab for Youth!

Training for Change is hosting a Trainer’s Lab for Youth! Co-designed by TSAT/Super-T graduates aged 16-24, as well as folks from the Judith C. Jones Fellowship for Trainers of Color, we invite you to save the date!

Leading an Online Training or Webinar

This online training covers tools and techniques you can use to develop and lead interactive and engaging webinars, regardless of your technology or budget. Learn how to leverage the benefits of training online while being able to read your group and train on hard content.

Facilitating Virtual Meetings

We explore tools and techniques you can use to facilitate engaging and inclusive virtual meetings, regardless of your team’s technology or budget. Attending this training will increase your group's ability to make decisions that include all voices and build strong relationships over distance.

West Virginia Training for Trainers

Training for Change has teamed up with a network of West Virginia organizers to create The West Virginia Trainers Project. If you're a West Virginia organizer who wants to take their training and facilitation skills to the next level and build a culture of learning into the fabric of organizing in the state, this summer is your chance to plug in.

Deep Democracy: Facilitator Tools for Navigating Conflict

Whether within our group, the community we live in, or the issue we organize around, we all have experienced conflict. It’s a natural, inevitable and even necessary part of any group life. But supporting and harnessing the wisdom from this tension requires skill and practice. For our groups to grow, heal, take risks and create new solutions, we must strengthen our ability to disagree and seek what’s beneath the surface.