Training for Social Action (TSAT) For People of Color

Training for Social Action (TSAT) For People of Color



Join us for an intensive training designed for people of color who are working as trainers, facilitators, educators, or organizers who want to enhance their skills for effectively working with groups to create social change. This workshop is intended for people of all levels of experience who want support, challenge, and the opportunity to learn from other people of color as they take their next steps with these skills and deepen their self-awareness.

Training and facilitation skills are a key element to successful organizing and movement building. These skills develop new leaders, transfer skills and knowledge between generations, create more participation within groups, resolving conflict and provide the discipline needed for successful actions. Yet, few people who play the role of educator, trainer, or facilitator in their work are offered an opportunity to learn a framework for training that supports their experience or a chance to hone their skills among other trainers. Leadership by people of color is vital to the critical movements of our time. This workshop is designed to support participants to develop a stronger sense of confidence, options, tools, and approaches that will work for them to be effective in their leadership roles.

[Note: This workshop covers the same content as our regular Training for Social Action Trainers (TSAT), with some additions and modifications meant to help participants get the most out of a people of color-specific learning environment].

Click here to APPLY. We receive and accept applications on a rolling basis, but aim to confirm all participants at least a month before the training. We're mindful that folks coming from out of town need time to book travel, and we'll follow up as soon as possible about the acceptance process. Please don't book travel or accommodations until we confirm registration.

We're committed to accepting a diverse group for each training and to supporting folks with less access to resources to attend. People of color, working class folks, and folks from less-resourced organizations are encouraged to apply. We also aim to accept people with specific groups, projects, or organizations back home to apply what they learn.

If you'd prefer to apply by phone instead of online, there is a phone number included in the application.
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Upcoming Training for Social Action (TSAT) For People of Color


Dec 1 to Dec 3
Philadelphia, PA

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