Organizing Skills Institute

Organizing Skills Institute

Organizing Skills Institute

The Organizing Skills Institute (OSI) will introduce various frameworks, principles and training tools meant to support effectiveness in building groups, developing a strategy in your organization and planning events or tactics that move you closer to your goals.

This institute is for people at varying levels of experience and on a range of issues, every group includes student and community organizers. We've worked with organizers focused on housing rights, food justice, youth empowerment, HIV/AIDS activism, immigrant justice, and more! 

Organizing & Leadership - How to Build a Team to Take Action Effectively

Organizing requires attention to relationship-building, group dynamics, and self-confidence. In this workshop we use energizing activities to help you identify your personal style as an organizer and how to support your group members to work together effectively. You'll also get practice with core skills, such as how to do one-on-one meeting, outreach for building alliances and recruiting volunteers, and delegating tasks in a way that builds leadership. Plus, you'll get introduced to a bunch of new tools that you can use with your own group to improve your meetings, retreats, and planning sessions.

Beyond Marches & Rallies - Building Power Through Strategic Tactics

Our movements and campaigns can't be successful unless we find tactics that leverage power effectively and tell a clear story of what we want changed. In this workshop we will share lessons from vibrant direct action campaigns, look at alternatives to overused tactics, such as marches and rallies, and explore what kinds of tactics maximize influence and media attention in various situations. We'll also cover some core principles of strategy and campaign building and give you some tools you can use to help your own group strategize.

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Upcoming workshops

Oct 20 to Oct 22
Philadelphia, PA
Oct 30
Online, 6:00-7:30PM EST
Nov 3 to Nov 5
New York, NY
Nov 30
Online, 4:00-5:30PM EST