Books & Manuals

Books & ManualsMany of our trainers are also authors - sharing what they know about direct education, nonviolent action and campaign strategy. Here you can order books and manuals and have them shipped to your door, or in same cases, download them online. If you'd like to have us assist you in writing your own manual or curriculum contact us here

Books and Manuals


How can we help you build your movement's capacity? We publish articles about what we're learned from training in the field and reflect on movement trends we're seeing. Reading our articles is a great way to keep up to date on where we're training, what we're learning and how we see it applying to a bigger picture. If you want to request an article or contribute to our newsletter, please contact us.


Trainer Reports

Do you crave conversations where you get to weight the different considerations or reflect on why certain things happened within a training? Then read our trainer's reports and join us in dialogue. Often first posted in our blog, these reports are trainer's reflections and learnings from a training, sometimes written while still in the training room or on the way home.

Field Reports

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