by Erika Thorne and Nico Amador, with special thanks to Celia Kutz, Shreya Shah, Daniel Hunter, Nikki Marín Baena, Holly Hammond, Diana Gonzalez, Karen Ridd, Matthew Armstead, Katey Lauer, Betsy Raasch-Gilman, Zein Nakhoda and all others who made contributions to this thread.

Recent events, from major political set-backs to police violence against Black civilians and Indigenous water protectors at Standing Rock, have many of us on the left having to absorb the shock of hard news on an all-too-regular basis. We expect that the days to come will see an escalating number of incidents and announcements that will have more and more participants arriving to our workshops in various states of crisis. As movement trainers, educators and organizers, it’s our job to help groups build up their skill and resiliency for weathering these moments.


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