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White People Confronting Racism: Two Online Workshops

White People Confronting Racism (WPCR)
online; over 2.5 days

This workshop is for white people who want to challenge the racism around them — and in their own heads and hearts — and who are searching for a way to strengthen their work for racial justice. It’s for white folks who already do anti-racism work but want to develop their skills and deepen their approach. And it’s for white folks who want a better understanding of how white privilege and racism operate in society and inside of them.


Confronting White Supremacy
online; 2.5 day workshop & 3 monthly follow-up sessions

This series is for graduates of White People Confronting Racism (WPCR). This cohort-based training series is for white people ready to deepen their racial justice work and who want to take action based on their understanding of how white privilege and racism operate in society and inside of them. After the initial three day workshop, participants will attend three 6-hour follow up Saturdays over the next 3 months, with readings and “homework” in between. These will support participants’ implementation of their action plans which will include fundraising for BIPOC-led organizations and/or contributing to local racial justice work in accountable ways.


Training for Change administratively hosts these workshops, which are owned and led by Whites Confronting Racism. Learn more about their program and workshops using the button below.


Workshop times and details can be found on the White People Confronting Racism site, using the button below. After all available spots in a workshop are filled, a wait list will be started.

White People Confronting Racism
September 16-18 2022, online
November 4-6, 2022, in-person

Confronting White Supremacy
January – June, 2023, online