Erika Thorne

Erika Thorne has been a progressive activist, writer, facilitator and cultural worker since 1974. She focuses on anti-racism work with other whites, coalition-building, and diversity work. She also loves to facilitate strategic planning, training of trainers, hate-crimes response, board development, conflict waging, ethical grassroots fundraising, and meetings - especially real sticky ones! Erika has worked with Environmental Justice and Media Justice groups, undocumented immigrants, Hmong organizations, domestic violence activists, housing projects residents, and a full range of non-profits, organizers and rabble-rousers. Erika was the Managing Director of Friends for a Non-Violent World, a Minnesota activist organization, for nearly three years, and coordinated the Alternatives to Violence Project-Minnesota, offering intensive workshops in prisons and jails in Minnesota, for five years.  As a former dancer for social change, she brings joyful physicality to her facilitation.

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