JCJ Fellows

Nicole Ektnitphong

Nicole Ektnitphong is an educator, organizer, youth worker, and trainer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota with roots in Thailand and Laos. She dreams of intergenerational building and ways to continue centering healing in movements.

Nico Fonseca

Nico Fonseca is a gender variant disabled fat femme nuyorican from Brooklyn. They're a cultural worker and brujx with deep commitments to ancestral work, legacy and knowledge and connecting those to political strategies towards liberation. Their pronouns are they, them and papi. They practice healing, resilience and resistance through laughter, dancing and learning from their peoples in struggle.

Ashley "AG" Green

AG is a movement organizer and trainer focused on working at the intersections of racial and economic justice. They are an Atlanta-native, but have spent the last few years invested in growing community power across the state of Florida with the Dream Defenders. This includes campaigns like Kids Not Criminals, focused on ending the school-to-prison pipeline in Hillsborough and Pinellas County.

Naomi Doerner

Naomi Doerner is a first generation Latina American feminist. Born in Chicago, she and her then single and undocumented mother traversed the city together, her mother constantly seeking economic opportunity and upward mobility. Naomi and her family's lived experiences have shaped her career as a social justice and racial equity organizer, urban planner and strategist working within the national transportation community.

Heidi Lopez

Heidi Maria Lopez is a first generation, queer, Quiskeyana who believes in people and our power to shape our lives, heal and create new possibilities. Heidi Maria builds relationships that change this world so that Black and Brown people, particularly poor Black and Brown people, take back was has been taken from us, (re)claim our history and shape our own lives without the intervention of racist and oppressive systems.

Cleopatra Acquaye-Reynolds
A dark skinned black person with short hair wearing a necklace and a and black and white sweater is standing in front of a white wall smiling at the camera.

Cleopatra (aka Cleo aka Cleopatra From The Bronx) is an African-American Femmeboiant Queer who was born, raised, and lived in The Bronx, New York for 28 years. As a first-generation born child of Ghanaian immigrants, education and access has always been a huge focus in Cleopatra's life and she aims to make both priority issues in all areas of her life.

Rachel Gilmer
A light skinned black woman wearing a t-shirt that says "free" is standing in front of a white wall smiling at the camera.

Rachel Gilmer is a Black feminist organizer with nearly 10 years experience in advocacy, programs, leadership development, research and writing on issues of racial and social justice. Rachel has been with the Dream Defenders since 2015.

Nikki Shaffeeullah

Nikki Shaffeeullah is a Toronto-based facilitator, director, performer and community-engaged artist who supports people in telling their own stories and facilitates the development of creative communities. Nikki believes art should disrupt the status quo; centre the margins; engage with the ancient; dream of the future; and be for everyone. Her current projects include serving as artistic director of The AMY Project, a devised theatre and arts mentorship program for young women and non-binary youth; associate artistic director of the community arts company Jumblies Theatre, and half of the community-engaged puppetry and music duo Sea Lettuce.