11/01/2016 - 11:44am -- jay_27993

Using Conflict to Build Organizing Muscles

by Omi Masika

During this fraught election season, it has become clear that our movements need to become even more resilient and effective in cross-solidarity work. This means enhancing our ability to navigate patterns of sexism, racism, transphobia, and internalized divisions that often shows up in our social movement work. Conflict is one by-product of oppressive systems in our work, and it serves as a reflection of what we need to learn (and unlearn). Building effectiveness in cross-solidarity work requires groups to be in conflict with each other. Conflict may bring up feelings of anxiety, anticipation, or shame. Some of us also believe conflict slows down interpersonal and group productivity to get the work done.

10/31/2016 - 10:59am -- jay_27993

Participant says what?!

by Diana González

Have you ever been facilitating a training when a participant says something and a little (or big) voice inside your head says something like “What did they just say? What in the world do I do now?!!” That happens to me sometimes. I have two stories of moments in the training room that have helped me grow and learn.

08/03/2016 - 2:22pm -- jay_27993

On Brexit and Training in the UK

written by Anna Collins-Nham

In April this year - when the reality of Brexit was still a far away idea - Training for Change traveled to the UK to lead a 10 day training for trainers. The lessons we learnt during the training suddenly seem so much more urgent. After Brexit, nothing is certain anymore. Though the referendum result is only advisory and no formal process for leaving has yet been initiated, politically, culturally, socially, it feels like overnight everything changed and no one knows what is coming next.

06/01/2016 - 3:53pm -- jay_27993

Marching - A Pain In My Side

by JCJ Fellow Jeannine A. Cook

My mother flew in because I was in the hospital. She shouldn’t pickup and fly in from Trinidad, but she will and tickets were cheap. She’s the 4 foot something rasta woman that Tony Soprano’s our family. She flew into New York and made it to Philly on her own even though legally she can’t see. How’s that for the queen of mothers? Isis, anyone?

04/04/2016 - 1:23pm -- jay_27993

More Justice, More Peace
By JCJ Fellow Jeannine A. Cook
“Can I be Rosa Parks this time?” said the little girl taking a self-issued timeout.
“We’re doing something else this time,” I whispered, trying not to interrupt my daughter’s first-grade class or her teacher.
“I want to be Rosa Parks,” she declared again.
“Good morning, Sunflowers. What language do you want to say hello in this morning,” Ms. Anne cut in over the little girl’s whining.
“Chhhiiiiineeeeeeeeesssseeee,” the class responded in a frenzied unison.

08/27/2015 - 10:28am -- celia kutz

Today, August 27th, 2015 is big day for the Philadelphia office. It's Nico Amador's last day as Co-Director! Nico has done an amazing job supporting Training for Change for the last seven years. He will be missed - good thing he'll be staying on as a Trainer. This is also the one week mark of Jay Masika coming on as Development & Communications Coordinator. We are so excited with the decision to bring Jay onboard!

06/16/2015 - 5:19pm -- hormiga82

Towards a climate movement strategy
by Sam La Rocca
, June 2015

Our species faces a fateful decision. Protect people and build a safe, clean and liveable society by courageous and sustained action to confront the polluting fossil fuel industry and the political interests, which collude with it. Or, face a hotter world inconsistent with the maintenance of human civilisation and the natural world, as we know it. The choice is stark, and time is short. We understand the problem, but are searching for the best path forward.


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