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We've spent decades developing our direct education training approach that liberates participants, helping them break limiting patterns and become more effective change agents. We've trained thousands of activists and organizers how to lead trainings that go beyond the traditional style of education or boring workshop style. Our Workshops

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How can we help you build your movement's capacity to train itself? If you don't see the workshop you want, feel free to request a workshop!

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Upcoming workshops

May 19 to May 21
Cleveland, Ohio
Jun 2 to Jun 18
Philadelphia, PA
Jun 22
Online 12:00-1:30PM EST
Jul 20 to Jul 22
Central WV, Location TBD
Oct 20 to Oct 22
Philadelphia, PA

What People Are Saying …

"I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to participate in Training for Change's Organizing Skills Institute. The intensive trainings and coaching sessions helped me in so many ways. I've simultaneously strengthened my sense of self as an organizer and it's helped me situate myself within movements and organizations responsibly and humbly as someone with my identities. I came away with not only strengthened facilitation skills, analysis of power, and understanding of movement strategy, but also with exercises and resources that I have been able to share to help build skills and develop leadership in groups and individuals without formal organizing training. My learning at OSI has shaped and strengthened my abilities both to lead well and to support other's leadership. I loved sharing experiences and understanding with members of Philadelphia's organizing community, and it was powerful to participate in this training alongside Swarthmore students. The learning that I and others have been able to bring back to campus collectively has multiplied and helped to transform and strengthen organizing on campus in significant ways."

— Anna Stitt, Swarthmore College