Leading an Online Training or Webinar

Leading an Online Training or Webinar



The use of online trainings and webinars is key to building the kind of power necessary to take on the problems and solutions organizers are tackling today.

Whether trying to introduce a concept to a large audience, including less-mobile activists whose participation is crucial to the change we seek or reducing our carbon footprint by minimizing travel, more and more information is being distributed online. These trainings often rely on one-directional power points, leaving trainers wondering how much participants absorbed.

This online training covers tools and techniques you can use to develop and lead interactive and engaging webinars, regardless of your technology or budget. Learn how to leverage the benefits of training online while being able to read your group and train on hard content.

Past participants say:

"Mind blown."
"A model of how online learning can be done well and creatively."
"Chock-full of new ideas for improving my remote trainings!"

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Oct 30
Online, 6:00-7:30PM EST

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