Judith C. Jones Fellowship for Trainers of Color Fundraiser

Judith C. Jones Fellowship for Trainers of Color Fundraiser


At Training for Change we know that the path to racial justice and social change requires a long-term commitment and support for grassroots movements on many different fronts.  Through the Judith C. Jones (JCJ) Fellowship for Trainers of Color we are advancing the leadership of trainers and organizers of color working at the grassroots level to build power, skills and knowledge in their communities.

We're currently fundraising for the Judith C. Jones Fellowship for Trainers of Color! Click here to learn about the 2017 Fellows!

Fellowship Structure

With the support of a TFC coach, Fellows will create a one-year work plan that outlines their learning goals for the course of the fellowship and expected activities.  This plan can include development of training designs, new tools, plans for doing training or facilitation and getting feedback, reading or study of theory they want to incorporate into their work, writing, etc.

Fellows will use the support of their coach to track their progress on this plan throughout the year and identify additional learning opportunities such as attending other TFC workshops, debriefing training experiences with other trainers, or taking workshops in other training modalities.  Fellows will also be encouraged and invited to work with each other on projects and participate in other TFC events.  The Fellowship is a one-year commitment, from January to December of 2016, with an opportunity to renew for the second year.

As part of the Judith C. Jones Fellowship, each Fellow will receive:

  • One-on-one mentorship and coaching, on a monthly basis;

  • Support to develop new tools, handouts and articles;

  • Opportunities to participate in and lead webinar sessions on various themes connected to using experiential education for social change; past webinar sessions themes have included facilitating in inter-generational spaces, work with conflict productively, giving feedback to co-workers and co-facilitators, addressing internalized oppression inside ourselves and our participants, and more!

  • A two-day retreat in Philadelphia to meet and build relationships with other Fellows, Fellowship Co-Coordinators and TFC trainers;

  • Full scholarships to any TFC workshops that they would like to attend during 2017;

  • Connection to the wider TFC social network;

  • An opportunity to renew for a second year of the Fellowship program.

Watch this video to hear from our current and previous Fellows about how the JCJ Fellowship has impacted their work and their development as trainers!



In order to qualify for the JCJ Fellowship, applicants must:

  • Identify as a Person of Color. Please contact us with any questions in regards to how we are using that language and your eligibility.
  • Have completed our Training for Social Action Trainers OR a Philadelphia Organizing Skills Institute workshop.
  • Have a clear sense of their goals for the Fellowship and areas of growth they have identified for themselves as trainers and activists/organizers.
  • Be working or training in a social change context.
  • Identify a training program, workshop, or ongoing facilitation opportunity that they will be working in during the course of the Fellowship.  In other words, applicants must have a context for application of the skills they will be cultivating during the Fellowship.
  • Be able to make make a one-year commitment to participating in the Fellowship program.  Fellows will have the opportunity to renew for a second year if they choose.
  • Reside in the United States or Canada.


This Fellowship is NOT for…

  • People who have not yet attended a TFC workshop. 
  • People who are not part of a network, job or group that will provide opportunities to apply what they are learning as a trainer.
  • People who are looking for administrative or marketing support to start their own business as a consultant.
  • People outside North America.


Every year we get many applications from strong candidates and can only accept two or three Fellows.  Decisions are made by a committee of Training for Change staff and trainers who consider all aspects of each person’s application, our knowledge of them as a trainer or facilitator and the overall make-up of the Fellowship cohort.  Outside of the above criteria for Fellows, we are open to accepting people who are using training and facilitation skills in different kinds of capacities and social change contexts.  However, as an organization we do tend to prioritize working with people who are engaged in social change movements through grassroots organizing or community-building, direct action campaigns, or leadership development outside of academia, social service agencies or large institutions.  If you are applying, please be sure to include examples of your connection to this kind of involvement in social change.

If you aren’t eligible for this program but want to invest in the development and support of social movement leaders of color visit our "Give" page and donate there. If you prefer to give by check, those can be sent to Training for Change, P.O. Box 30914, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

This Fellowship program is named in honor of TFC Training Elder Judith C. Jones, Ph.D.  Also known as “Diva Bear”, Judith worked with Training for Change for over a decade and for many years was a lead trainer in TFC’s Training for Social Action Trainers and Advanced Training of Trainer workshops. Judith grew up in Philadelphia, received her doctorate in Political Science from Atlanta University and has taught at Penn State University and at Philadelphia University. Judith is also co-author of Two Voices from the Front Line: A Conversation about Race in the Classroom, an article found in the award winning anthology Race in the College Classroom, published by Rutgers University Press. She has led diversity and conflict workshops for a diverse client base and has served as a guide and role model to many of us who have worked with her as up-and-coming trainers.

Workshop Category: 

Upcoming workshops

May 19 to May 21
Cleveland, Ohio
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