Trainers We Work With

George Lakey

George Lakey, 76, was co-founder of Training for Change with Barbara Smith, and directed the group for 15 years before retiring. He has led 1,500 workshops on five continents, taught peace studies at colleges and universities, and authored seven books on nonviolent social change, peace, and organizational development.

Omi Masika

Omi (full name is Omowale) is a youth worker, facilitator, and organizer living in Philadelphia, and is a quiet, Midwest queer at heart. Prior to joining the Training for Change team, they were an instructor for an after-school bike program, facilitating spaces where students developed leadership and bike mechanic skills. In this work, they focused on the bridge between biking and social justice, while supporting the leadership and skill development of young people.

Nico Amador

Nico's involvement in social justice work stems from a deep passion for racial justice and a motivation to support transformation and empowerment in people of color, queer, and trans communities. He got his start as an organizer working with students to respond to racial profiling, increased militarism, incarceration and detention of immigrants, and policies like the USA Patriot Act in the aftermath of 9/11.

Sarah Halley
Sarah Halley has been training and facilitating groups for 20 years. She has been co-facilitating the Whites Confronting Racism trainings at TFC for the past 10 years and is a co-founder and facilitator of the Race Institute for Educators. She works as an organizational consultant and leadership coach, focusing primarily on team building, leadership development, inclusive strategic planning, and diversity/anti-oppression.  

Karen Ridd

Karen Ridd is an instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies at Menno Simons College, an affiliate of the University of Winnipeg, Canada, where her courses include "Introduction to Conflict Resolution Studies" and "Violence and Nonviolence". She is the former training coordinator for Mediation Services, a conflict resolution program in Winnipeg.

Judith C. Jones, Ph.D.

Judith C. Jones, Ph.D. grew up in Philadelphia, received her doctorate in Political Science from Atlanta University and has taught at Penn State University since 1985 and at Philadelphia University for the past three years. Judith is also co-author of Two Voices from the Front Line: A Conversation about Race in the Classroom, an article found in the award winning anthology Race in the College Classroom, published by Rutgers University Press.

Betsy Raasch-Gilman

Betsy Raasch-Gilman facilitates meetings and teaches groups about group process, consensus decision-making, and productive conflict. Training for boards of nonprofit organizations and cooperative businesses is a particular strong point for her. Additionally, she helps activists involved in campaigns to think strategically about their next moves.

Jennine Miller
Jennine Miller, MSW has dedicated her career to impacting public policy, educating elected officials, and advocating for civil rights with persons who are poor, homeless or disabled. As the Director of Advocacy and Public Policy at Project HOME, she seeks solutions to homelessness and poverty in Philadelphia and uses training in coalition and campaign work. She is part of the team that developed the Organizing Skills Institute.