Request a Custom Workshop


Thank you for your curiosity about bringing Training for Change to work with you.

We are experiencing a tremendous number of requests and are unable to accept any additional inquires at this time. Our approach works specifically with your group, tailoring our workshop to meet particular needs. This decision reflects our commitment to show up fully for the work we are being asked to support and guide. Right now, our calendar is full through the Spring. We will accept new requests beginning in July 2017. 

Thank you for understanding.  

Recommended Resources

The following are groups and/or organizations we offer as possible alternatives for the work you seek: 

Beyond Diversity 101 - Intensive workshops that expose, stimulate and transform the dynamics of diversity at the root level.

Saltwater - Social Justice & Anti-Oppression Training and Consulting, by JCJ Fellowship Coordinator Shreya Shah


Please contact Celia Kutz at