We PowerShifted: A Trainers Report from Global Power Shift

By Daniel Hunter
When staffer Joshua Kahn Rusell called up Training for Change director Celia Kutz, all of us at TFC were immediately excited. Lead more trainings with one of the cutting edge climate change organizations? Yes! Train facilitators and staff ahead of 350’s massive global conference called Global Power Shift? Bring it on! A massive training over 3-days for 100 participants? Absolutely! In Istanbul, Turkey? What’s not to love! This wasn’t just another training. This was an opportunity to bring direct education to a huge sector of the climate change movement. At the Global Power Shift would be over 500 youth climate change activists from over 134 countries – and we would lead a 3-day training of trainers ahead of time to help prepare everyone for that experience.

How to prepare for international trips (like the "worst conflict in the world")

By Daniel Hunter - a 2013 training report from Israel/Palestine.
I've trained in about two dozen different countries, most of them on multiple occasions. Trainers at Training for Change are increasingly training internationally. The last year other trainers have led major trainings in Turkey, the UK, and Thailand -- with another trip soon to Colombia (where co-director Nico Amador will lead trainings with trans youth). Because of my range of experiences, I wanted to offer some reflections on how to make the most of such training work -- and do so by reflecting on my most recent trip to Israel/Palestine.