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“I have learned a lot with Training for Change, as a human, as a facilitator, as a trainer, and as an organizer.”

- Gio Lopez, Mid-South Peace and Justice, Judith C. Jones Fellow


"What I appreciate so much about Training for Change is all the small ways TFC strengthens my day to day work. In this year alone, TFC has equipped me with tools to facilitate strategy meetings for a safe water system in Southern West Virginia. TFC has hosted trainings that have expanded the tactics tool box of our local leaders. And TFC has supported me to take steps on my journey as a white trainer facilitating majority-white groups building skills for racial justice."

- Katey Lauer, Advocates for a Safe Water System



Donate today to continue to support organizers such as Gio and Katey. Here’s a breakdown of how your donations impact our work:

  • $30 hosts our website for one month;

  • $50 develops our new program, the Trainer’s Lab for Young People;

  • $80 offers one hour of consulting to grassroots groups without a budget that seek training on direct action, strategy, anti-racism and non-violence;

  • $100 provides a scholarship to attend one of our public workshops;

  • $250 allows for Ben, our tech support, to spend his entire week focused on making our site multi-lingual;

  • $500 provides a scholarship to attend our 17-day training of trainers, the Super-T.


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Yotam says:

"I don't know of anyone who does better experiential and direct education than Training for Change. Honestly, sometimes when I'm in a training led by TFC facilitators, I feel like I'm watching an artist at work; every careful stroke of the brush is based on a thoughtful engagement with the experience of the folks in the room and a deep commitment to empowering them to take responsibility for their own learning, their own lives. The support Wildfire has gotten from Training for Change has been absolutely essential in our ability to take some of the most important frontline movement groups of our time through transformative processes and support them in becoming their most powerful selves. If every trainer, facilitator, activist, and organizer went through a TFC process, we'd have a much healthier and more effective movement." - Yotam Marom