Core Trainers

Daniel Hunter

Daniel Hunter is a Training Elder with Training for Change, focusing on strategy development and training trainers in popular education. The breadth of his work is wide – a recent month included training union locals on organizing and economic class, Algonquins on direct action strategy, a capstone weekend of a semester-long intensive for Philadelphia community organizers and Quakers on building campaigns to stop mountaintop removal.

Erika Thorne

Erika Thorne has been a progressive activist, writer, facilitator and cultural worker since 1974. She focuses on anti-racism work with other whites, coalition-building, and diversity work. She also loves to facilitate strategic planning, training of trainers, hate-crimes response, board development, conflict waging, ethical grassroots fundraising, and meetings - especially real sticky ones!

Nico Amador

Nico's involvement in social justice work stems from a deep passion for racial justice and a motivation to support transformation and empowerment in people of color, queer, and trans communities. He got his start as an organizer working with students to respond to racial profiling, increased militarism, incarceration and detention of immigrants, and policies like the USA Patriot Act in the aftermath of 9/11.

Andrew Willis Garcés

Andrew Willis Garcés works with organizations seeking to transform their practices to become more powerful through coaching, strategy support for leaders, curriculum development, nurturing of new practices, and trainings for the organization as a whole. He's trained hundreds on creative direct action, civil disobedience, and campaign strategy and enjoys working with Southern organizations, folks with roots in Colombia, and Spanish-speaking immigrant groups around the country, in addition to organizations in Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.

Celia Kutz

Celia Kutz has been with Training for Change since 2009 and is both Trainer and Director for this dynamic grassroots-led training organization. Born in rural Western, NY Celia has led student boycotts in Montreal, healing justice at the Republican National Convention Protests, direct action trainings protesting the Keystone XL Pipeline and numerous other trainings with grassroots movement groups in the U.S. and sometimes internationally!

Matthew Armstead

Matthew Armstead is a community builder, facilitator, and organizer in Philadelphia, PA, and he is a trainer with Training for Change. He has worked with diverse groups of people from Occupy Wall Street activists to Ivy League university students, and led sessions on a variety of topics, such as anti-oppression, strategic planning, community outreach, peer counseling, nonviolent direct action, training of trainers, and organizational development.

Andrea Parra

Andrea Parra is a Colombian attorney and law professor who has worked for over 15 years on issues related to gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive rights, disability justice and immigrant rights. She has conducted numerous trainings to activists, public officials, survivors, students and academics. She has trained in Spain, United States, Morocco, Turkey, Mexico, Nicaragua, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Switzerland and Colombia

Naomi Long

Naomi Long has dedicated her career to working for social justice organizations that focus on building power with people on the margins. She currently develops the vision and strategy for Wellstone Action in their southeast regional work, supports partnerships around ending sexual violence, reproductive justice, abortion access, and leads the grassroots organizing team for Camp Wellstone. In her spare time she works as a training associate for Training for Change where she can follow her calling to support the leadership development of trainers and organizers of color.